The Book of Bad Decisions: My second game


Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas! and Felices Reyes for those of you who celebrate it in Spain and around the world!

I’m just coming back from Barcelona where I finished talking to a close friend about our plans for the new year. And I am proud to say we have created a plan for our new game! Called “The book of bad decisions”. It’s a casual party card game (no really, a card game you can hold in your hand) for 2 - 8 players which is going to be similar to the game “scruples”, also “reigns”, and “never have I ever” (and also, along the same line as “cards against humanity”)

The game
A book of 256 questions, and 8 yes/no cards.

How to play

  1. You get a yes/no question, and read it to the group. For example: “At a large train station in the middle of the day, I see a child pick up a €20 note which has fallen from my pocket. I have no way to prove that it is mine. Do I ask the child to kindly return it to me?”

  2. Other players secretly predict whether you will say yes or no, by taking a yes/no card and holding it face down in their hand.

  3. You give your answer, and the other players reveal their predictions. A point is awarded to those who correctly predicted your answer. Hilarity ensues.

The plan
Do Not Open This Suitcase is a great game and a fun experience, but not a good business proposition. it’s too expensive to manufacture, it’s difficult to add replay value whilst using physical controls, and many large companies are doing similar things (i.e., escape rooms), with larger marketing budgets.

But with the relatively low cost of this type of game, I think it will be much simpler and easier to make a go of it. So the idea is to make a website, do a social media campaign, do various events in and game festivals, crowdfund the printing of the book and the cards, make a ton of pure profit. Simple, right?

What does this have to do with defold?
Excellent question!

The website, which will host a simpler version of the game, is a key part of the marketing here. On the website you’ll be able to

  • read questions,
  • respond to the questions,
  • see what percentage of people have responded with yes and no,
  • share the questions on FB, etc.
  • submit your own questions.

I am also really eager to share my experience with this forum’s users, who have been an excellent source of support even with aspects not related to defold. I hope that is okay. P.s have you seen the website ? It will be similar.

I am very proud to say that more than 300 questions have been written. That’s nearly 10,000 words in English and also around the same in Spanish. It has been a huge job. I wrote them mostly myself, but I had a lot of help, especially with the translation. I want 256 for the game, and 100 for social media (so that when you play the real game, you aren’t looking at 100 questions you have already seen). Of course, now the hard work starts.

I’ll keep you all updated and let you know how it goes!


Go, man, go! :raised_hands: