The Armor of God [Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1] Submission

Hey everyone!

I recently finished my submission for the Brackeys 2021.1 Game Jam. For it, I decided to make a turn based RPG game. The theme for the Jam was “Stronger together”, I’d been itching to make a narrative based game for some time, so I made a game about a man (Paul Bishop) revisiting his past to get the pieces of the Armor of God in order to become stronger in his faith in order to fight evil spirits and demons.

The game started out with heavy religious undertones just via it’s nature, I eventually just fully embraced it and went all in with it. Due to that, this game might not be for everyone, which I am okay with.

Here’s a link to it if you are interested:


  1. Turn based battle system with a minigame to determine what hits and what does not.
  2. XP and Leveling System.
  3. Attributes that can be leveled up.
  4. Collectable items.
  5. Dialog system.
  6. Save / Load system
  7. 7 Unique levels to explore.
  8. Inventory system.

Every now and then people come by the forums asking about Defold’s feasibility for RPG’s, I’ve been developing a different RPG game in my free time, but this I was able to put together in about a week. It’s a good proof of concept for games of that nature.


Cool! Lots of use of interesting features. You should share it with the people at I know they would appreciate your game. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I definitely will, I had no clue something like that existed!

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