Thank You


I’m getting back into using Defold more after a work hiatus using other gamedev tools, and it made me really want to thank the team for this amazing software and resources!!

I am very grateful for everyone here. The people at King who are funding and supporting this and making it free and available for the public to use. Defold is really, really good, and I know it’s thanks to those higher ups that it gets the support it needs to continue to get better. I believe that Defold’s future is really bright, and as more games are published which use it, its importance in the industry will be undeniable.

Those who have been working on the docs and making examples and libraries have been doing a very good job. I’m glad that it’s possible to contribute more to these directly now and I want to try to do that more. I’m looking forward to the new Defold site and community and hope it’s still making progress. It’s for sure getting easier and faster to get into using Defold productively.

Editor 2 is shaping up really nicely and those working on are making very good progress. I’ve filed a ton of issues and a ton of them have been fixed with constant fixes published often.

It’s great to see all of the new features and the majority of gripes I and others originally had being solved.

The native extension system is so good, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can make with the editor extensions.

The community is positive and helpful. There are many here who give back a ton and it really helps. It seems like most people who come here have a good experience.

I hope that Defold can have a long life and its community can grow. I’ll do all I can to support it which includes linking back to Defold in every game I publish made with it. I’m super glad to see that people who are publishing Defold based games doing this!! I hope that we can inspire more young people to check out Defold and get to making games!

Thank You! You know who you are! Let’s make some more games and help the Defold community to grow!


Thank you for the kind words! Welcome back!


Indeed it is. Not so much during the last month or so due to summer vacations, but the web/community team’s soon back to full speed again! And as @britzl said—lovely coming in to work this morning to read your fantastic words. Thank you, too, for helping to make the community a better place! :raised_hands:


Your feedback and contribution to the community / forum is inspiring to everyone. Great to see you back and thanks for the kind words!


Thank you for those kind words! For us working on Editor 2, your name frequently comes up during retrospectives as someone whose feedback and issue reports are having a great positive impact on the quality of the product. We hope you enjoy using Defold and really appreciate your input!


Welcome back @Pkeod. Thanks a lot for your kind words!

We’re all trickling back after summer vacations and will be steaming full ahead again in just a bit. Just let us grab some coffee first. This is going to be an awesome autumn!


Just came back from vacation and read this, made my day! :slight_smile: Thanks for your contribution and early adaption, without this great community Defold would definitely not be what it is today. :crown: