Textures in Editor 2.0 looks blurry


Thanks to render script in game graphics looks perfect, but in scene editor it’s not.

Sharp textures (pixel-perfect) in Editor 1:

Blurry textures in Editor 2:

Is there a way to fix it easily?


It shouldn’t be too difficult to set the filtering in the Editor 2 as well.
Please add a feature request for Editor 2 here!


I took the liberty of creating an editor2 issue for this:

As you’ve seen, we currently have defaults that differ from both editor1 and the engine, and we don’t respect the sampler settings in the material used for the tile map. Unfortunately you can’t do anything about this yourself at the moment, but I have a fix for this coming.


Thank you a lot! You already did a great job, but :blush:

tilesource - fixed, OK

same, tilesource - OK

atlas - NOK, blurry

tilemap - NOK, blurry

sprite - NOK, blurry

particles - NOK, blurry

gui - NOK, blurry (texture taken from ‘atlas’)

collection - NOK, everything is blurry

That’s only what I have found, because I’m not using everything.
I would ask people here to add to this list if they know other places that should be fixed.

Can you add these problems also to ticket https://github.com/defold/editor2-issues/issues/1012?


All of this reported Feb 28.
No one care.


Hi @Winged_Drake,

Thanks for testing again! As you’ve seen, we’ve fixed some things, but not everything. The two fixes made so far are:

  • the tile source (and palette) now renders with nearest filtering
  • the tile map editor renders using the material used, so if you’ve got a material that defines a sampler for DIFFUSE_TEXTURE, those settings will be used when rendering in editor too.

Two things that remain are:

  • respecting the global filtering settings from game.project if no sampler has been defined by the material in use
  • making sure we respect the material samplers for all resources that use materials

We have a blocker issue for this so we’ll try to look at them asap.


I can assure you that the team cares very much about making the editor good. As you see in the issue tracker, there are lots and lots of things that need attention.

If you check the README on https://github.com/defold/editor2-issues it describes how issues are being prioritized and what you can do if you do not agree with the current labelling.