Teaching the defold engine on youtube


Hello, this is my first post about these things here but whatever.

So sometime recently I came up with the idea of teaching Defold on youtube where I will teach the fundamentals and more complex stuff on youtube.
I have released the third episode of the introduction to Defold today.

You might be wondering why is he posting this here?
people that already know whatever I’m teaching I want to hear what they think of it and I want their critique.
people that are completely new to the engine I want them to go and watch my videos and I hope they will help them with starting to create games on this engine.

Here is my latest episode:

here are some things that I know I need to improve

  • Get a good microphone creating content with text to speech is not fun
  • Create normal thumbnails
  • Create a better-looking background for the outro(it looks ugly right now)

This is what I wanted to say let me know it the comments(forums comments obviously).


Hi !

The video is a good start, and I wanted to point the fact that the text to speech is really smooth, good job.


Thanks for that I have to rely on lot of heavy editing to even make timing make sense