Taking a Break from Defold


The same reason I left Java coding and came to defold is the same reason Im going back. I had to do most of the programming from scratch when I was programming with Java using Eclipse. Its both a benefit and a hindrance at the same time. I loved having full control over what my games do and the only limit was my ability to figure out how to achieve different features in my games. I was working on my latest game for 3 years before finding out about Defold and I converted my entire project to it. But for some reason im starting to miss the old days again. Dont get me wrong Defold is great and I made one simple jumping game while I was still working on my bigger project. But Im starting to miss having full control over the code that I write and what shows up on screen(if that makes any sense) But In the long run Ill still use it for smaller games. On to of that I want to start making 3D games after I complete this project. Ivve been fiddling with UE4 for some time as well. Im also a beginner 3D modeler/designer.

It may be the way lua works its simpler but there is a lot of sacrifices to make coming from Java. I really like the tables feature but I can recreate it in java.

functions have to be created before being called(not really a big deal)

I missed the switch function from Java as well as enumerators

I had the java based project backed up to my surprise there was a lot that I didnt finish converting…
Anyways Ill still be around.


You’re welcome back any time! Good luck.


Makes sense – only use Defold it it makes sense for your project, of course. Good luck, see you around :wave:


Good luck, look forward to playing your games!