Sys.reboot() crash on HTML5

We maintain an HTML5 build of our game so that we can share builds for testing/evaluation etc.
I noticed that it crashes when we restart the game, which calls sys.reboot().

I’ve now reproduced it in a trivial example in 1.2.189. Unless someone spots user error here, I’ll create an issue.

To reproduce (assuming using Chrome browser):

  1. Add a GUI component to an object in the main collection, with the following input handler, and acquire input focus:
function on_input(self, action_id, action)
	if action_id == hash("touch") and action.pressed then
  1. Project → Build HTML5
  2. Open Chrome Developer Tools
  3. Click in the game window
  4. See exception output:

dmloader.js:512 exception thrown: RuntimeError: null function or function signature mismatch,RuntimeError: null function or function signature mismatch
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[547]:0x9c42
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[1460]:0x5c69e
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[3483]:0x11f377
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[1491]:0x61a8c
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[3466]:0x11e27c
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[3502]:0x120941
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[2200]:0xb8684
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[4742]:0x18549a
at wasm://wasm/009fec5e:wasm-function[4747]:0x1861ae
at browserIterationFunc (:1:190338)

A small workaround I usually use, it’s not the same but works in my case, at least:

  if html5 then
  else"@system:", "reboot")