Synchronize shortcut gone (SOLVED)


The shortcut for synchronizing a project is gone (at least on Mac). It used to be CMD+U


Interestingly, it’s now found under the Bundle menu.

@mats.gisselson or @markus.gustavsson can probably tell you more


This keybinding was changed to the new command “Rebundle” which re-runs the last bundle command you issued without popping up all the option dialogs again. We wanted Rebundle to have a shortcut because it might be something you want to do many times in a row when doing test iterations. We had a hard time finding a good shortcut for Rebundle and decided that Synchronize was probably not used so often that it really needed a keyboard shortcut. Sorry if this causes inconvenience.
I should also mention that we are in the process of reworking the keyboard bindings so more things might change soon and hopefully for the better!