Hi there,

So I’ve been working on my game called Swiper. It is a simple swipe game where you swipe in the direction of the arrow. Tell me your thoughts and any ideas what I can add or change to make it more interesting. :smile:



Cool idea! Later on you could add other color arrows with slightly different shapes pointing in random directions too.

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You could try to add swiping in the direction arrow is moving as opposed to the direction arrow is pointing to. Them mind games :smiley:



So the arrow will animate by itself to a direction? What I have now is the arrow choose a random position and if you swipe to the correct direction then the arrow will move.



This is also a great idea. I can do it in such a way that once the player reaches a certain point then we bring in the addition directions because now the brain is only use to two. Or do you think it must random from all the positions from the beginning?



Exactly! I think Luminosity has something similar as a part of their game pool.

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I’m currently busy with my Menu and this is what I have but it looks a bit weird to me. Any ideas? I don’t know if I should add a highscore on top or something.



You can also have opposite mode :wink:
Or even better - red arrows mean swipe opposite direction.

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