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My name is Fletcher (Listrix) Cutting and I’ve been developing games for the past few years and recently stumbled upon Defold which I found interesting. I’ve been using Defold for the past couple days now and have been going through the tutorials and reading through example code and realized that there’s not much out there which is expected because Defold is quite new.

Because of this I’m going to make a YouTube channel and going to be posting up YouTube tutorials, showcasing games and timelapses of me using Defold in Ludum Dare. I have already recorded the first video but am yet to upload it, it should be up in the next day or two. I was wondering if I could get your support for this YouTube channel and if you’re able to promote it in any way.

This would be great marketing for Defold and getting the word around, I’ve already started talking to friends about it and have gotten a few friends to start using it, but having a YouTube channel as well as entering Ludum Dare will be much better for getting Defold out there. And also having a good tutorial series (I’m sorry to say this but your tutorials suck, I learnt mainly from your documentation and trial and error) will help people get in to Defold and teach them how to use it.

I’m really interested in Defold and love working in it, I hope you’ll consider this and will work with me to spread around the word of Defold and get some good tutorials up on the internet.

EDIT: I’m sorry if I sound like a jerk but there’s no point beating around the bush, your tutorials need improvement and I’m willing to work with you to make better ones. I also have the bonus of seeing Defold from the user’s point of view.



As I posted in the “Introduce yourself” we have a Defold YouTube channel but I suppose more content is always welcome. I will let @sicher and @Axel answer as this is more their area!



I think it’s a great idea. More material on Defold is great and we are definitely looking at ways to help people find the good stuff.

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Agreed – we’d happily help spread quality content created by the community! Let us know when the first tutorial is up, and we’ll take a look at it.



Thanks for the great support guys, I’ll hopefully get my first video up in the next day or two.

And @britzl I know that you have your own official YouTube channel but they weren’t the best :\ they kind of helped but ideas like cloud storage, explaining things like what posting is and doesn’t really explain much about what the lua code does. Although they did help a little bit they weren’t exactly beginner friendly.



Just to let everyone know I’ve decided to hold back on the tutorials. After attempting to make a platformer I realized that I don’t know enough yet, but I’ll keep working with Defold until I do :smile: