Submit your HTML5 game for a chance to win $15,000

WN Hub is running a contest together with Xsolla and Belka Games at the upcoming HTML5 Game Developer Day on November 17.

Submit your existing Defold HTML5 game to the Grand Contest ( before November 11 for a chance to win up to $15,000!


I have a problem, my game doesn’t work on Chrome.
Native Websocket is bugged.

Can I still apply?
Works fine on FireFox.

$15,000 looks very juicy.

Also, do we keep our rights or we have to wave it away?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t see why not.

I’m sure you keep the rights. (The Defold Foundation is not hosting the competition). There should be some rules on the game submission page.

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I have a question…

When you make a HTML game are the assets protected ( the graphics and sounds ) ?

I tried building it… I can see lots of .arcd files

The .arcd files are binary “blobs”/archives of files used by your project. Images are usually packed into textures (from atlases or tilesources) and depending on project settings possibly also compressed.

BUT you can’t assume the files are protected from someone who really wants to rip your graphics and sounds. If someone really want to they will find a way to get your files.

What you should worry about is someone stealing your entire game and publishing it. You can protect yourself from this to some extent by domain-locking your game: Domain Lock HTML5 games


Guys, I made it to the shortlist of the contest with my Witchcrafter! :star_struck: I had a nice talk with Eugene and Sebastian yesterday about game development and Xsolla platform, and I see a Defold banner here: :smiley:


Woho! Congrats!


OMG! And I made it even to the 5 Best Native HTML5 games!

I think it’s the first time I used Dream Hunters as a company name in public :sweat_smile:

Recording of the day:

Definitely interesting were Xsolla presentation, building awareness of your game aka better sales and optimisation presentation, but also games on Snapchat looks very promising (though weird :smile: ) !

I am shocked, I wasn’t expecting even getting to the shortlist and surely not expecting winning anything, when there were so many amazing games! :heart_eyes:


Congratulations! Well deserved!

I agree that it was interesting, but I always struggle to stay focused when the presenter is reading from a script. Good takeaways though!

Yes, very interesting. Invite only, and they are pushing PlayCanvas hard (they own it I believe).

I also enjoyed the PlayCanvas presentation as it was hands on, a bit more technical and not so much a sales pitch (in disguise ofc).



Yes, they own it. I asked if they are allowing other HTML5 game engines, but I guess this was ignored or I missed it. The market for Snapchat games is huge but of course very specific - it looks like only party, fun, colorful games will make it there (with microtransactions) - Snapchat adds Voice chat for every game without adding any SDK to the game or so. So clones of Among Us fall off :smiley: