StrictMode - Native Extension for Defold

Defold Native Extension StrictMode

Native Extension for Defold Game Engine that gives a possibility to use StrictMode on Android


Copy-paste strict_mode section from extensions game.project into your game.project


New release:

I added new option android_fdsan_set_error_level() and fixed issue with initial implementation (version 1.0 doesn’t work because of this issue).

fdsan is a file descriptor sanitizer added to Android in API level 29.

Just a short explanation from the official documentation about the extension:

StrictMode is a developer tool that detects things you might be doing by accident and brings them to your attention so you can fix them.

StrictMode is most commonly used to catch accidental disk or network access on the application’s main thread, where UI operations are received and animations take place. Keeping disk and network operations off the main thread makes for much smoother, more responsive applications. By keeping your application’s main thread responsive, you also prevent ANR dialogs from being shown to users.

So this extension is not something 99.9% of users need every day, but it’s useful when have undefined behaviour in you app and wanna get as much info as possible from Android OS.