Strange story :)

Hello guys)

I think, about two days ago i updated my defold (try to always update new ver), and then, gui in my game became broken) I thought, that i made something wrong, because i was modify camera at that moment :slight_smile:
I’ve been racking my head, reading forum, no result :grinning:
But now, after another new update, everything is… OKAY)))
Just want to know, what it was? Maybe someone can explain)
The problems was… with nodes actually (Boxes). They were invisible, not clickable, like they are not existing.
I am working on mac, if it helpful.
Maybe its not the best idea to keep defold always updated?)

Thx in advance.

P.S. Sometimes problems like this make me wanna do engine by myself, but i really enjoy working with defold, and, it’s a first time when i met really weird things)

It was our fault. We didn’t catch this in the beta, released it, got feedback from a user, applied a fix and released the fix. All in the same day basically.

Oh, its not a story…

Just built it for html5, problem still actual.
And the same menu, but via cmd+B, opengl

That is surprising. The issue was that the editor incorrectly set box nodes without a texture to have a width and height of 0. Are you sure it’s not cached data in the browser?

Unfortunately, this is not a cache.
Just tried it with different browsers, incognito, etc.

Does the issue remain if you make a change to something in the affected view and re-save it in the editor?

Huh, not, that helped :smirk:
Some kind of cache?

Big thx anyway )