Stoneborn by Barefoot Game Studios


Hello, we are Barefoot Game Studios. We are currently developing a pixelart game which is called ‘Stoneborn’. Recently posted a tweet about we are going to develop our game by using defold engine. Today, our website is activated and we want to share it with you. There is a devblog in our website which has no posts yet. However, we will start sharing posts as soon as possible.

Go check out our website :

Also you can follow us from twitter and instagram

And there is a steam community which we post weekly updates

There are 2 ingame screenshots. You can look them here.

We will share our experiments and developments in this forum post. Keep following us for more…


Looking interesting! Will keep an eye on this, best of luck with development (and, of course, if you have any problems with Defold, then looking forward to helping out with solving those issues)!


Thanks for such a good comment :slight_smile:


the website hints at a beautiful game :wink: Don’t be shy with in-dev screenshots! =]