Stencil buffer exceeded on gui.delete_node(particlefx_node)

Build time 2020-06-18T07:33:56.126167
Defold channel beta
Defold editor sha 44409d8fccd244472ee7562194e0c741648f7cb4
Defold engine sha 44409d8fccd244472ee7562194e0c741648f7cb4
Defold version 1.2.170

I have Created a particlefx and attach it to a GUI node (GUI/Nodes/box/particlefx)

i used a call to delete the particle


i’ve got a crash with this message

WARNING:GUI: Stencil buffer exceeded, clipping will not work as expected.
Assertion failed: size <= Capacity(), file d:\a\defold\defold\tmp\dynamo_home\sdk\include\dmsdk/dlib/array.h, line 456

Then i tried to attach the particlefx directly to the Nodes Folder (GUI/Nodes/particlefx) and it works as it was expected, after deleting the particlefx without a crash .

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