[Steam] 'The Lost Prince', my first defold game

Hello? My nickname is Wildtalky and I am a solo game developer from South Korea.
This is written using a translator, so I don’t know if the words will be conveyed properly. Please understand.
I was always a game designer who created games for many game companies, but before I got older, I created indie games to create my own games.

Recently, I created and released a game using Defold on Steam.
I would like to say thank you to the people involved in the defold engine.
The title of the game is ‘The Lost Prince’.

The game is basically a visual novel, and supports English and Japanese with full Korean dubbing.
Last time, I had trouble adding language fonts, so I asked the community here.
Thank you to those who helped with comments.

Resources focus on spine animations and general images.
While using defold, I also used some python.

I have a lot of regrets because I made it without a good understanding of the defold engine, but I think it will be better the next time I make it.

Below is the game’s promotional video and Steam’s sales address. It’s currently on sale for 15% off.

Thank you for reading the long article.


Congrats on releasing your game on Steam! And thank you for sharing it with us. I’ll make a note and see if we can include it in the next newsletter.