Static Lifeline [Game Jam + Video Devlog]

Hello Everyone!

A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to compete in the “Lost Relic Games” Game Jam. This was a relatively large jam with just under 2,000 people signing up for it.

The theme was ‘Connection’ so we made a game about two robots connecting to share power in order to solve puzzles and do combat. The game is called Static Lifeline.

We utilized this LoFi Shader from TheKing0x9: Horri-Fold - a Lo-Fi Horror Shader for Defold

The Shader worked really well and added an entire new aesthetic to the game that helped to enhance the art and make the game stand out from others.

I also decided to try making a video about the competition and the process of creating the game. You can check that out here:

Play the game here: