State of Defold 2018


Hi all!

We started talking about what has happened with Defold during the last year, and it turns out—it was a lot. Several impressive performance milestones were reached, there’s been oh so many highlights from the community, and overall it’s just been a 12-month period where Defold really has grown in many different ways.

We wanted to highlight some of them before the summer, so we made this chart featuring a few of last year’s events.

So yeah—massive cred to everyone in the Defold community; keep making cool shit!


I hope you guys also consider updating the roadmap. Or maybe even making a devlog on what you believe is next for the engine.

Keep up the great work!


The roadmap on the homepage is outdated. We will try to find another format for sharing plans for upcoming releases. We usually post our plans for the upcoming one or two releases, but that’s about it.

For Q3 and Q4 we plan to work on editor improvements such as Local Undo, Outline Filters and Search, Editor Extensions and general usability improvements.

For the engine we’ll work on performance improvements, multi texturing, separating some parts of the engine into extensions and open source those. We’ll also look into Vulcan and Metal support. Finally we have many many small bugs and improvements that we want to fix.

And as always we are very open to your feedback and suggestions.


yeah, I guess we’re talking about what and how we’re doing in multiple threads on the forum, on various videos and in the Slack. So older Defold users do catch the wave, but we probably are not that good structuring our thoughts so that those are easy to get by the new users.

But then again, we move very fast and things change, evolve and move forward so fast, that it may make less sense to maintain a static web page.


Great work guys! Exciting times ahead as well!


I wasted 2 years with unity :joy: . Thank you defold.


Keep it up! Thanks.


I feel same way about Monkey to be honest. Defold is 100000000x better and more devs should jump ship to it. Do your part to inform your dev friends of how great Defold is.


I hope that when you guys launch editor extensions you also expose the APIs to create/edit assets.


Yes, that’s likely going to be a part of the API. I’m thinking stuff like custom map editors that spit out tilemaps and collections with game objects for instance.


Visual shader editors, visual programming utilities, navigation maps, mass assets refactoring, ahh the possibilities. :smiley:

Thanks for confirming!


Editor extensions :ok_hand:


thanks for it i enjoy it :slight_smile:


I have to highly agree with the support comment, the support from the staff is just amazing never seen such supportive staff.

I am glad I have chosen defold.