StarClick - RTS & Clicker for LudumDare 41


Here is my ludum dare submission. Try it out, HTML5 build is available. Firefox or Safari run the game better.
Source code is also included.


I like it! Very nicely done! Also very good music imho


It’s a great game! We liked the theme of LD41, it was pretty challenging :slight_smile: I loved your game. Nice graphics, music and overall gameplay.


Nice game, i tried to download source code, but running the game feels so laggy and soundtrack lags too


I improved the performance a bit, haven’t updated the source just yet. But basically using release.app_manifest


Big update

Hey, I’ve just made a big update of the game. Mostly bug fixes and balance changes based on your feedback. So if you would like to, please play the game again and tell me how you like it now.

So the whole experience should be much smoother now. Still controls are not as convenient as in StarCraft, for instance no rectangular selection of multiple units, but hey, it’s a clicker, just click more!

Thank you guys for your feedback, I enjoy very much your kind comments. I just love it when people play my games and like them.

Balance changes

  • Most of the levels are redesigned to make them more interesting.
  • The game is much harder now.
  • Many units have been adjusted (health, speed, attack).
  • Auto Click now clicks twice as fast.
  • Plates cost less.
  • Factory and Heavy Factory cost more.
  • Robot is not that tall anymore.

New controls

  • Units are controlled with right click now.
  • It’s now possible to pan the camera with right click drag.
  • Added F and L keyboard actions (toggle fullscreen and restart level).

Bug fixes

  • Huge performance improvement (reworked starfield shader). Now works in Chrome.
  • Resizing the game window and going fullscreen is now possible.
  • Unit spawning is now more logical.
  • Wasn’t possible to switch unit attack target if it was nearby.
  • Build menu now stays open if unit is deselected or a building is placed.
  • Unit is not deselected on command.
  • Hovercraft is now easier to select.
  • Now possible to select enemy units and buildings.
  • Health and attack values are now visible on select.
  • Camera shake is now working when a building is destroyed.
  • Some sounds had a delay.
  • Many more small fixes and little enhancements.