Standard Geometry - Quickly Prototype 3d Games

I’m working on getting a set of .dae models useful for rapidly prototyping 3d games. The idea is to match what other engines such as Unreal or Unity offer in their standard assets packages.

If you have any 3d models which are properly UVed which would be useful to add please send them to me to be included. The existing models so far are not perfect but I’ll be improving and adding to them over time.


HTML5 preview

I’ll be adding a bunch of wall variations next.


Сan you paint them with plain colors?

What do you mean?

Their material can have a texture disabled and a solid color set as the tint. I plan on making an improved general material which is more flexible with settings and scaling.

Yes. Cool.

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Added basics of a free move camera.

First toggle to controlled mode with spacebar.

Then press wasd eq to move around.

I’ll be improving the camera stuff more and putting them into their own 3d camera project later. Will have generic setups for third person, first person, maybe isometric cameras. And have third person camera setup to detect collision spaces / camera blocking volumes so camera doesn’t go behind walls and eases into player position when player’s back is against a wall.

At some point, we can make a 3d world editor within the Defold engine and use it to place level chunks with features like snap to grid. Could let it edit collections directly or export meta data which builds levels based on factories on runtime.

I need to figure out a good way to handle world geometry for collisions because right now box/circle/pill are not good enough for 3d world collisions.


Added a version of a mouse controlled turntable.


As soon as we get mesh collisions for 3d collision shapes I will revive this project and remake it 1000x better with many more shapes for easy level greyboxing. :slight_smile: