Split Screen View Crash - Android


Hey I was testing this feature of my android device (galaxy note 10 lite) called split screen view and I think I found a bug. I tested using a few defold games but all them crashed. I made a short video (testing with one unity game as well to compare)

the device actually freezes for a few times when I try the game and after closing the split view screen the game doenst work anymore.

I know this isn’t the way to play games but I’m just reporting :slight_smile:



It is probably your device. I have tested and I don’t see any crash.

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Hmm is this game using immersive mode as well? It’s so weird I tested 4 games and they all crashed

EDIT: nvm just did a build without immersive mode and still crashes.



Can you generate debug symbols and submit crash files where it crashes + get the logs with logcat for example?

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