Spine. Inherit Rotation (DEF-2232)


*I’m not sure this is a bug or not
And maybe you already know about it.

If we disable Inherit Rotation in bone options we get strange thing

In spine:

In defold:



Hmm, I’m not sure what the expected behaviour is. @sicher, @Mathias_Westerdahl, @sven, do you know?



I bet we don’t support Inherit Rotation = false yet. I know we support Inherit Scale = false.

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The Spine-wizard (@sven) confirms that we do not support inherit rotation = false.

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I’ve added a ticket for this: DEF-2232 Am I correct in assuming that this isn’t a blocker?

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As said my animator, this is a very useful option for the animation of walking (for example). If this option appears, it will be great :slight_smile:

But we try work with out it.

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Interesting! If you have any links to read up on the topic, it might be useful :slight_smile: Personally, in more familiar with a “sliding window/frame” which iirc doesn’t involve rotation?



Sorry to answer that old topic. But it seems that Inherit Scale = false no longer works.

I don’t know if the spine syntax has changed. But the statement
{ "name": "head", "parent": "body", "y": 330, "transform": "noScale" } seems to have no effect.



I guess you are using a very recent Spine version, and Spine has a tendency of changing/breaking the json format on even minor updates. In previous Spine JSON versions the “Inherit Scale” option is saved as the field “inheritScale” of bones… You could try replacing "transform": "noScale" with "inheritScale": false as a workaround, just to see if it works. Otherwise I would recommend downgrading Spine to an older version.



Thanks, that was a lifesaver.

Hopefully more Spine 3 features will be supported soon.