Spine animation crashes (DEF-1993)


Some of my spine animations crash the game with error message: Assertion failed: size <= Capacity(), file c:\ci_slave\builds\engine-win32-master\build\tmp\dynamo_home\include\dlib/array.h, line 307

One crashing animation works if i change into it during game, but if i use it as default animation it will crash when collectionproxy loads it. Others also crash when i change into them.


Could you please share the spine animation so we can test this ourselves?

Created a ticket: DEF-1993


You can find files from
Edit: removed files.

“jumpside_float” is animation that crashes as default animation.


Excellent. I’ll attach this to the ticket. Thanks!


We have some crash now, with message:
Assertion failed: i < Size(), file C:\buildbot\slave\builds\engine-win32-master\build\tmp\dynamo_home\sdk\include\dmsdk/dlib/array.h, line 287

Crash happens on spine.play_anim()



Is it possible for you to share the problematic spine scene (including images) with us so we can reproduce it?


Yes. I’ll send you PM.
We found this cause - it’s gone after kicking Draw Order keyframes in Spine.


Okay, this problem may be fixed by this way. But we really need Draw Order Keyframes! Because we use pseudo 3D in our animation. It means that elements of the animation change their relative order.