Space shooter - simple game

This is my first experience in programming and creating a game. And now the game was approved in Google Play. I would like to share my creation. The game is more made for the purpose of understanding the process of creating games and teaching programming. That is why the idea and implementation is so simple and not very interesting. But I have other ideas that I can implement using the experience from this game.
As for the engine:

  1. I liked working with him, although there were various technical problems. The programming language turned out to be not complicated and it will be very easy for a beginner to understand.
  2. I was surprised that when assembling the apk, the game weighed 7 mb, but in google play it weighs 2 mb. I don’t know why, but I really like it.
  3. For 2D games, this seems to me to be an ideal engine, but it is very difficult for me to deal with 3D.

In the game I used:

  1. Monarch.
  2. Gooey.
  3. DefSave.
  4. Defold-Input.
  5. Def Video Ads.
  6. Kenney’s sprites and sounds.

PS. If you notice a translation error or a bug, please write to me.


I’ll test