Space Invaders Isometric

Hi there! I been working on a isometric remake of space invaders last week. I’m really satisfied how it turn out and the engine truly did its part.
Here is the link to play in browser, I may do some updates in the near future.


I really like your game! Well done!


Nice! It looks very nice, though my brain has trouble adjusting.

It’s kinda hard to gauge where the screen ends, but I guess that’s part of the challenge. One thing I’d definitely change is the music. Feels a bit too upbeat for me.

Great job!

Yes, I was about to put some screen ends, I think i’m gonna add it, maybe fixed maybe optional.
I had to much fun making the music, just had to put it there haha, but I can see what you say. I wanted to put more visual effects but didn’t have the time, i’m planing on develop it a little more.
Thanks for the input!

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@Pois0nous - 404 - :confused:

I believe this is the new link: