Sound buffer full if sound speed is 3 (?!)


ok, this is odd but i narrowed down the issue to this situation:

sound object A linked to an ogg file, gain 0.6, speed 1, no loop
sound object B linked to the same file, gain 0.6, speed 3, no loop

the second object is used only in a particular game mode and if i activate that mode, after several sound plays, i get the sound buffer full error

if i don’t play that sound object, i don’t have the error
i’ll continue to investigate but this are the evidences right now and i’m puzzled

edit: if i set object B speed to 1, no error

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Please share a minimal repro case if you can.



spam the speed 3 button to get the error

the same does not happen with speed 1 (70.6 KB)

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were you able to reproduce the issue or is it something in my code?



I have reproduced it, and the issue is that for some reason, the sound never stops “playing”, and thus the internal buffers keep counting up.

Added an issue here:

EDIT: This is probably a relatively easy issue, if anyone in the community would like to try to help out by fixing bugs and issues.