Small project of work


This email will be valid for about 1 week… I would like someone to complete a “simple” prototype for me

What I require is a multi player lobby prototype menu using Defold and UDP ready for use in a game I am thinking of making.

More detailed description

To display a gui menu where the options are

  1. Enter name

  2. Host game

  3. Join game

If the user presses “1. enter name” they are able to enter their name from the keyboard. This is stored in a variable.

If the user presses “2. Host game”. The app will begin broadcasting a UDP message on the local network

Sending out their game name (random number), their user name and IP address. These broadcasts occur a few times a second.

E.g “GAME:<game name>,USER:<user name>, IP:<address>

If the user presses “3. Join game”. The application will begin looking for a UDP broadcast from the host.

Games that are found are displayed in a list on screen. The user can then select to join them.

E.g “JOIN:<game name>,USER:<user name>, IP:<address>

Meanwhile the host enters a waiting screen where players that are playing are listed.

The host can then press to send them a message.

E.g “MESSAGE:<Hello players>”

He can also boot them from the waiting screen…

E.g “BOOT PLAYER:<user name>,IP:<address>”

Host can also choose to start the game…

E.g “STARTING GAME:<game name>,IP:<address>”

The host stores a list of the players and their IP addresses for later communication.

Prefer that the prototype menu and gui should be simple just using defold libraries… not 3rd party extensions.

Of course if there is some gap in my logic a feature that should naturally exist in this prototype then you could include that.

Anyway contact me with a price and timescale.



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