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Just wanted to give a small bump for our new “examples” category section in our Learn section. Lots of cred to @sicher for putting it up there.

It currently contains 18 very small examples with code, showing how to do discrete things, generally with only one script file and made for some copy-pasting. We have things like how to tween animations, do 8-way movement and how to child a game object to a parent.

We will be adding lots more examples over time, with the ambition of also calling on all of you wonderful people to add to the list, so stay tuned for that if you have the time / interest in contributing.

For now:



It’s something like phaser examples page - it’s very cool!

Looking forward for possibility to contribute. As I understand you plan to share this example page on github like docs?



Yes, the plan is to do something very similar to the docs. Looking forward to seeing some of your examples! Hopefully @sicher will have time to make it open for additions very soon (within a couple of weeks at the most).



Thank you. Very useful examples.

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Now you can contribute to our examples section, awesome cakes! @sicher has now added to option of contributing with your own examples to the section. Find the project here: Make a pull request, follow the format of the existing examples and share some Defold love. Once approved, new examples committed will show up in the learn section on the Defold website automagically.

@agulev, looking forward to seeing your contributions… :wink:

Regarding contributions, try to keep them super small and defined. Each example should only show one thing and ideally have only one script file (to the extent it makes sense).



Of course I have few ideas, but now I am in a BringMeCakes pre-release agony, and almost have no time for other extra activities.
I was added few issues to my personal tracker and try to do when i’ll have time.



ship it!

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Just tried to add my first example (pullrequest here )
If everything is fine I’ll make few more.



Thank you for contributing! @sicher is back from vacation in a weeks time. He’ll review it one he’s back.



New pull request with load texture image example