Site changes have broken Assets pages links


It looks like due to some recent url restructuring, most of the internal links on all the assets pages are broken. External links to github work, but the links to download assets from itself lead to missing pages.

Example. Here’s an asset page:

Here’s the link on the page to download the asset:



Looks like @pawel.jarosz21 needs to update his assets Defluid and Defork with an issue or PR on (I should probably check over mine too…)

Did you find other links broken?

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Ah, it looks like it was just in the couple of places I was looking on the Assets page - most assets have github links instead. Less of a large-scale problem than it looked like at the time. The urls changing have messed up links in the forums to assets pages as well, which added to the confusion.

Edit: Also it seems like the assets pages are missing their header images.



Thanks for poking me @ross.grams, I hope to find some time to fix it this week

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Yes, they will come back later this week.



Great to hear!



They should be back now (most of them at least).

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I don’t see a way to make my page for True Tile Collision ( like it should be. It seems it lacks header image, but I don’t remember if I put it there.
No way to log in or anything.



There is no real backend for the Asset Portal. All assets are located as metadata files in a separate repository and gets pulled in when the site is generated.

There is now an “Update Asset” button on every asset page which leads to the repo with the metadata files. Make the appropriate changes and make a pull request.