Simple 2D water surface

Hello everyone. I have created a simple 2D water surface shader as the title says.

I am a solo dev, but basically more of an artist, I can do basic defold things and some lua scripting, but I had little to no experience with shaders.

I started with a review of defold and GLSL at Shaders and Lua, Sergey Lerg, Spiral Code Studio: LiM'19 talk 4 - YouTube.
Here is the result of my first prototype.

First prototype video

well…it’s a great “surface” expression. Anyway, I got the fundamentals.
Next, I searched shadertoy to find something close to my ideal. I was looking for something that was easy to understand the source code and easy to modify, even for a beginner.
I decided to port to Shader - Shadertoy BETA

As you all know, to port from shadertoy to defold, we have to do a number of tweaks. I relied on the following sources to make small adjustments.

The final source code and material setup took the following form.

(Edited: removed my code because the licence was not clearly stated in the original code.)

This post shows how a shader novice like myself traced the path to a simple yet effective water surface effect. As indicated in the sources above, this forum and manuals were of great help. sergey.lerg’s video and post in particular were a great first step, and Pawel’s post on the forum gave me many tips.

I hope this post will be helpful to others.


Looks really cool!


Beautiful! Congrats! :heart:

And thank you for sharing your solution! :heart:


I’d love to see a whole game made with that art style. Beautiful!
Good job with the shader. And thanks for sharing.


that does look amazing

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Thank you guys. Strictly speaking about the shaders, it’s not “made by me” but “ported and modified”, but I shared them with … in the hope that they will help other shader beginners.

I too think it would be very nice if I could make a game in this style. I will post to the forum when development progresses.


Looks great! Good job getting this to shader ported to Defold!

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