Side scroller problem

Hi - clean install of Defold to Windows 10, first thing I did was load the side scroller demo project. Builds and runs without any errors logged but the spaceship is invisible, though can see it hits stars and responds to arrow keys. Not changed or edited a thing, literally straight out of the box.

…further details, the 'Roids sample game behaves similarly, only the score and ‘get ready’ is visible onscreen, though it sounds like it’s running ok. However, both games build and run fine as HTML5.

Windows 10 Home v 21h1

It sounds like a driver related issue. What kind of graphics card to you have? Are the drivers up to date?

Thanks so much for getting back to me - Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics on a Lenovo laptop, the OEM program seemed to think all drivers were up to date but I ran an Intel driver checker and it had an update, installed and it’s sorted the issue - I’d tried a simple one sprite program from scratch too, was just getting a black screen for desktop builds.

Nice one mate :slight_smile:

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Yay, happy to hear it worked!

Hi guys. Had the same problem, used this topic’s answers to fix it and everything worked until today. I was passing another tutorial and after build cannot see nothing except black rectangle. I decided to check if this side scroller tutorial project still work properly but the ship disappeared again. Intel Driver and Support Assistant says that all drivers are up to date… I don’t know what else I can do to make everything work. Please help