Side panels are resized when editor is launched in Linux


When I launch the Defold editor in Linux, some of the side panels always get resized smaller like this. I have to resize them every time which is a little annoying. This seems to happen with every desktop environment and distro I’ve tried. When I start the editor not maximized, the bottom panel is the correct size and the right panel is only a bit smaller than it should be. When I start the editor maximized both panels get resized a lot more. I’m currently running Manjaro Budgie, and my computer has an i7-4790k processor, 8GB RAM, ASUS AMD R9 285 graphics card, and a 1920x1200 monitor. (I uploaded this topic again because I meant to take a screenshot of a blank project and not the game I’m making, and I didn’t realize a topic can be edited until after I deleted it.)

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@vlaaad any idea?



It always worked for me like that, I thought it was normal behavior :smile: