Showdown - Quick Reflexes


I have just picked up Defold (and Lua) in mid January, and am totally into it.

After playing and prototyping a little while in Defold, I have decided to re-start my game development adventure with full games in Defold. For the record, I came from a Unity background.

So, Showdown will be the first one. It is a simple game of reflexes. But I am planning to add much features to it to make it a full fledged game. Like unlockable characters and maybe an online version.

As a start though, I’ll keep it simple 1/2-players version on local machine.

This game is a huge step for me in terms of game development as I start learning graphics (mainly pixel art), music (Bosca Ceoil), Lua (never used this language before) and of course, Defold.

Hope the be an active member of the community as I learn more and more of Defold.



Good luck with your game. Ask here or on Slack if you get stuck.