[Showcase] You Picked the Wrong Dungeon


Hey everyone!

This week I did a game jam and decided to create a top-down shooter styled game.

Link: https://iangogo.itch.io/you-picked-the-wrong-dungeon

The theme was “rewind” so I took the usual forward facing progression system and turned it around backwards. Now the player must master the underlying mechanics and pick what they don’t need to continue moving forward in the game.

This was my first attempt at a top down shooter, I would love some feedback. The main thing I’ve heard so far is that it gets to difficult to quick.

Hope you enjoy!



Kalispera @gameoffate2018 I played and to tell the truth was difficult , I was trying hide somewhere on wall instead of fight , but I liked the simple graphics of char and enemy a simple white circle. with the bow, nice I hope you went well on jam. Thanks



Thanks for the feedback! Difficulty is the thing I plan on addressing the most if I continue working on this project in the future. I wasn’t able to find a good mixture that really fit the theme correctly. I am considering overhauling it to make it more of a fast paced party game but I don’t have my mind set on anything yet.

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