[Showcase] Out of Time

In this fantasy top-down shooter, your health is your ammo and your health is being drained by a curse. Can you fight and survive long enough to find a cure or are you truly Out of Time?

Over the past week, I’ve been developing this game in defold for the BlackThornProd Game Jam. It is the 11th Jam I’ve submitted a game to while taking a “healthy break” (getting distracted from) my main project.

This is the second top-down shooter style game I’ve made in Defold and I greatly enjoyed it. I also played around with dynamic lighting some. It looks great and really enhances the overall experience in my opinion. I went with a very simple art style and feel as if everything blends very cleanly together.

The Jam doesn’t end for another 12 hours after I’m posting this, if you find any bugs, have feedback or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know!



Hey its cool!

I got the part where you pick up the necklace and pressed space perhaps twice… The screen went black and stayed that way… assume it is a bug or logic issue.

Good luck with the jam !


That is an uncaught bug, thanks for letting me know! I’ll try to fix it before the jam deadline!

Just patched the bug and got it resubmitted before the jam deadline, thank you so much!


Results came out and I got 54th overall (out of 1,073 games)!


That’s great! Congrats!


Oh, I played this when it was first posted. Had a lot of fun. Good little game!


Uh honestly, one of the coolest games I have played, like seriously! It was so fun, I didnt get to finish it yet, Ill have to retry after work tonight, but I need sleep and I havent slept tonight (This morning? Idk man Ive been up since yesterday) :smiley: Keep making games pLEEEAaase!!! :+1:

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