Short Notice but...GDC Meetup?


I’m not sure who’s gonna be at GDC, but if any of y’all are about, want to meet up on Tuesday evening?

Say 7PM?

If folks are interested I can find somewhere for us to meet and grab a bite to eat.


@Mathias_Westerdahl, @Oleg_The_Evangelist and @christian from the Defold team will be at GDC and I’m sure there’s a bunch of people from the community as well! Have a great GDC guys!


Yes, we’re in town then :slight_smile:
We’re holding a presentation on tuesday afternoon and having some meetings after that, so it might be tough. I hope others can join you though!


I’ll be setting up the Intel booth till like 5 I think (I run Intel’s Indie Program) myself.


Wednesday maybe? I’ll try to grab everyone and find you at the booth.