Secrets of the Ilse [Web Monetization Jam]

Hey everyone,

My team and I are proud to showcase our newest game, made for the Web Monetization Jam, titled, Secrets of the Isle:

In this pirate themed adventure, explore the mysterious isle in search of treasure and the deeper mystery that lurks beneath.

This is my largest published project to date and features:

  • Character Creator
  • 5 unique maps
  • 7 unique building options
  • In-game Tutorial
  • Top-Down Combat
  • Hidden Lore
  • Interactable game items (chests, boxes, dirt piles, etc.)
  • Enemy Progression

This game was a blast to work on. I have knowledge of a few bugs within the game. I have a patched version where they are fixed. I finished the changes just after the jam submission time. I didn’t want to release it incase that would accidentally invalidate my project.

I am planning on continuing development on this game with future content such as but not limited to:

  1. More maps
  2. Experiment by developing for a mobile platform
  3. Different types of quests
  4. Adding crew mates that have their own set of skills
  5. More buildings for base building

Any suggestions, feedback and criticism are welcome and appreciated!


Update: We got 7th in the competition, thank you to everyone who played! My partner and I are still wanting to work on the game, any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated to give us more of a direction for the future!