Second editor freezes when two projects are open

When I have two Defold projects open the second always freezes. Using an Apple M1 Max running macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 if I have two projects open and try to go back an forth between the two the second project that I open will freeze up after an unspecified amount of time. The second project always gets the spinning beach ball of death and I use Force Quit from the dock to exit the second editor instance.

To Reproduce
Open two separate projects and within each project open multiple files. Switch back and forth between the two projects. Eventually the second will freeze and give the spinning beachball icon.

Expected behavior
I expect to go to and fro between the two projects, browse files, and even copy and paste code (text) between the two project

Defold version

  • Version1.6.3
    Editor SHA1: 114f012eefff79af30f423e76586bb82d73b2793
    Engine SHA1: 37a4a8548850a7243055bb820e45580cfdae5f32

Apple M1 Max running macOS Sonoma 14.2.1

Editor log
Copy and pasted version of the problem report generated by macOS when force quit occurred.

ProblemReportFor_com.defold.editor.Main.txt (2.9 MB)
ProblemReportFor_com.defold.editor.Main.txt (2.9 MB)
editor2.2024-01-18.log.txt (17.4 KB)

Hmm, I thought we had solved this. @vlaaad and @AGulev ?

@vlaaad has solved it in javafx, yes, but javafx didn’t release new version since then (

Yes, the fix was merged 2 months ago. We are waiting for a new release with a fix…


Hmmm… didn’t know it was an issue. Thanks, still loving Defold.

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