Scuba Divers, android game


I wanted to show you the game on which i’m working on, it’s a 2D endless game for smartphone. The game is still in developpment, especially the graphism of the game (i’m looking for a graphism designer if someone want to help).

Here’s what the game look like “in game” :

-In the upper left corner we can see the “health bar”, it’s modelized with air bubble who slowly disapear with the time or when you get hit (max bubble : 10)
-In the upper right corner we can see how many coin have been collected
-Top in the middle there’s the score

Enemies :
-Jellyfish (their colour is randomly attribuated when they spawn ), -2 air bubblesMeduseNE0
-Shark (they come from the background, appear after 200 score), -4 air bubblesshark1

Collectable :
-Coins (spawn only on jellyfish), give 1 coin piece1
-Treasure (spawn only on jellyfish, 3% spawn), give between 20 and 100 coinsTresure_chest
-Air bubble, give between 2 or 4 air bubble Bubble

Here’s what the shop look like :

-In the upper right corner there’s the total coin collected
-In the upper left corner there’s the “back to menu” button

Upgrade :
-Bigger Air Tank, increase the maximum of air bubble in the “health bar” (max : 10)
-Better Air Absorber, increase the restitution of air bubble in the “health bar” for one air bubble (max : {4;6})
-Better Suit, increase the horizontal agility (max : 2x faster)

Thanks for those who have read all this and who will comment or give feedback and suggestion :blush: . Also sorry if some sentences are wrong or incomprehensible.


Cool, thanks for sharing and good luck with the game!