Scene view is lost!


ok, so… this is very embarrassing >__<

I was trying to watch a video while I used defold, so i resized the window to a very small size… and then, the assets and outline window took up all the place. When i maximized the window, the scene view was gone! and the console window was taking all the scene place…

I managed to bring the scene view back by pressing F7, but now the scene view is taking all the console’s place…

also, every time I compile my game with F5, the console takes all the place of the scene view again >__< i have looked all over the menus to restore the old behaviour, but… i couldn’t find anything :S

plz HAAALP! :'S it’s slightly annoying lol



The problem is, the grab-bars for resizing the panels are exactly the same color as the margins and menu bars, so they’re effectively invisible when you drag them all the way to one end or the other.

Try exploring the top area with your mouse, you should be able to find the resizing bar by the mouse cursor changing. (with the console enabled)



omg, thanks! that fixed it :smiley:



I made an issue for this here:

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