Rotate Ring - Endless Game


Hi everyone,

here is my first defold game, not perfect but still enjoyable with simple mechanics !

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Teaser :

Are you ready to challenge yourself and test all the skills you have?

Download this rotating ring and try to hold it! The ring spins with high speed and the only thing that stops it from crashing into the sidewall is your reaction and virtuosity. Become the best, show how good you are. There will be no excuse if you fail this endless game. Stay among the best players in one of the most involving games this year!

It is an easy game to play at first glance. The ring rotates and you need to hold it as far away from the border as possible. Pick spinning squares to earn winning points. But is there any winning in an endless game? The longer you stay in play, the better you are. So prove it.

We made the game as comfortable for common users as it is ever possible. Check our key features:
● you can download and play it offline: no wifi needed;
● rules are simple and straight;
● simple and intuitive design
● involving and addictive game mechanics;
● little size: takes less than 10 MB space, runs on simple devices.

Always updated, always improving

This is a second updated version of this game. We fix all bugs, freezes and accidental crushes that may happen. Please write to us if you see any bugs while playing our endless game.

PS: iOS relase is stuck in Apple verification process, so it’s an old release with bugs.