Rogues' Redemption - roguelike with pixel graphics


Early HTML5 Build

I’m sharing an early build of Rogue’s Redemption. It gives a good general idea of what to expect of the game and how it currently all fits together. The game will eventually be released on Android.

The map function doesn’t work in the HTML5 build at the moment - I don’t know why yet

Helpful comments appreciated!

Play HTML5 build in browser


Cool! It plays really well I think. I would like to have keyboard input when playing on desktop/browser, but I understand that you want to do a mobile game. One thing I’d like to see is some path finding where I can click on a tile and then the game would pathfind and move me one step at a time towards that position, as long as the position has been explored before. Also, the pathfinding should stop when an enemy is visible.


This week I’ve been working on some new graphics and have started to look at character classes. There will be 4 to choose from (probably) and each class will have various strengths and weaknesses as you’d expect.

A lot of tidying up has also been done. I thought this was a good point to make sure everything is neat before continuing.

I’ve also started the shop/trading screen. At the moment the player can only buy stuff though I may put in selling too at a later date.

The game now saves your progress when the game loses focus and the main menu offers the option to load that saved game and continue or start a new one.

This coming week I’ll continue working on the shop, NPC interaction, add more graphical improvements and sound effects.


I’m getting well into the latter half of development on Rogues Redemption. Most features and systems are in place and working - some still need polish and tweaking.

New Stuff

  • Character selection screen allows the player to choose from 3 different classes of character
  • The shop now works when clicking on the trader NPC who can be found loitering in the corridors of some levels
  • Player stats screen displays various bits of information about the player, some useful, some less so
  • The in-game menu toggles music, sound effects etc. and gives the option to return to the main menu
  • There are now special locked rooms which contain special objects and items
  • Player now gets hungry and will require a regular intake of food

Lots of fixes, graphical tweaks, new sound effects, balancing and re-writing of code as I discover better ways of doing things.


Oh, hunger? Hmm, so by what means can the player find food? I’m somewhat sceptical of food as a way to force the player to progress and explore further. It can work, but there has to be multiple options. Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup implements food in a good way with multiple ways to get satiated.


Food is plentiful throughout the dungeon - there are boxes to be broken open that contain food. I wouldn’t normally bother with such a thing but it does serve a purpose. As the player’s mana regenerates slowly over time, the hunger element deters players from waiting out many turns until the mana fills up and them going on a rampage with a fireball spell or something. The hunger is simply there to prevent players “cheesing it” to get further through the game.


Already fun to play; and brings back fond memories of rogue.


HTML5 version has been updated.


rawr bugged out around dungeon level 22 :rage: But yeah, it’s great!


Thanks for playing! There’s currently no limit to the number of levels so it will just keep going until there are too many game objects or something and it bugs out.


Most of the time this week has been spent overhauling parts of the gui. There are several different gui screens that open and close via an internal state system. I elected to pass the player input through a single channel rather than having each gui acquiring the input directly - this was causing various problems with overlapping states given the delay factor of sending messages.

I wanted to increase the number of equippable items too - gloves and boots are now collectable items. This required a redesign of the inventory screen, which is now in two parts, selectable by tabs. The new “equipped” screen shows stuff that is equipped (obv!) and the redesign also allowed 4 additional inventory slots, bringing to total to 24 (plus the 6 equippable slots).

With the addition of gloves and boots, new game mechanics are now possible - likely sneak and dexterity among other possibilities.

I’ve also spent some time tweaking some in-game graphics and adding new sound effects.

Thanks for reading!

HTML5 version updated.


hey @Ben_James, I really like your game. Playing it on my mobile phone. NICE WORK!



I’ve startet the HTML-version. never know that there is one? anyway…

My char is beside stairs. I’ve tried to move with the arrow-key and pressed “right” and…tadaaa. next floor. same again and again and… at floor 21 i’ve stopped. I guess this is a bug or?

Is there a “cursor-gameplay” planed? would be nice to play using the arrows or WASD :wink:

It doesnt matter where my char is standing. Pressing RIGHT brings me down a floor o.O
— AM I A CHEATER? :wink:



the map is empty (not drawn) in HTML-version :wink:


@stephenkalisch - there is no ‘official’ HTML version. The version posted earlier in this thread was to demonstrate the progress of the game at that point - I just forgot about it so it’s still accessible, and it’s not the complete game.

The Android version you’ve been playing is the final version. Thanks for playing, I’m happy you like it!


Yes I really like it!

I would prefer to play it in browser or exeutable. Moving using the arrow-keys would be more fancy :wink:
anyway, awesome work! and fun to play.


btw: is it opensource or possible to get it? I am new to defold and working on a project and get stuck all the time. actually with the tilemap-stuff… If not: dont care :wink: I’ll keep playing it. oh… its -really - the ONLY game I play on mobilephone. normally i just play at pc.


You’re welcome to look at the source project: download from Google Drive

Bare in mind roguelikes are technically quite complicated so there’s a fair amount of code to wade through.

Questions and thoughts about Defold as a newbie

OH great! thanks.

Yes it will be a hard thing :wink:
I am not new to coding, just to lua and defold. I hope to get infos from your code.


Super fun game – I could play for hours!