Rivescences offset with sprites when moving

When a game object containing a both a rivescene and sprites as children is in movement, the rivescene lags behind. This includes making the GO the child of a bone inside the rivescene.

Repo example : https://github.com/maelig-moreau/Rivescene-bug

How to
Click to get the object to move. Edit the move script to change the direction. The camera is linked by default. There is an object that is child of the game object, and one named “linked_to_bone” that is linked to the bone in runtime so you can see it still causes the problem.

To Reproduce on blank project

  1. Create a game object with one rivescene and one sprite as children
    1.1 Place one sprite as a child of a bone of the rivescene
  2. Make it move, the higher the speed the bigger the offset
  3. Make it stop, now game objects align as usual

Expected behaviour (REQUIRED)
I want to have a moving played character wearing armor, but the armor is offsetting whenever the character moves

Defold version

  • Editor version 1.3.4


  • Platforms: Windows, Android
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Thanks. May I ask that you create a ticket on GitHub as well?

It’s done! Thanks to you guys.

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