Retrostars calls for Beta testing


Hello everyone,
After 4 months of continuous coding and struggling over my first game, it’s high time that I should announce the release of my first game.
So, what’s Retrostars?
Retrostars is A classic shooter, inspired heavily from classic top-down roguelites. Play as a rogue, who enters the International Rogue Madness Awards (IRMA), to prove that he is worth something.
Enter a procedurally generated sequence of worlds, as you transverse deeper and deeper in the Dungeons, fight long-forgotten enemies of old (Who seem to have guns by a chance) and fight legendary bosses while commanding an entire arsenal weapons and abilities.

:gun:60+ Guns to shoot 'em all.
:crossed_swords:30+ Melee Weapons to hack ‘n’ slash.
:skull:30+ Enemies to kill.
:japanese_ogre:6 Legendary Bosses to defeat.
:fire:35+ SuperCool Abilities.
:flashlight:450+ Procedurally Generated Levels to get lost in.

Time to buckle up your guns and #BeTheRetroStar? :v::v:
Get it on Google play

Time to strap on to your weapons belt and go shooting and killing those d*** enemies.

Retrostars is still in development, so the main aim of releasing it in beta is to get feedback and suggestions on how to improve it, so feel free to suggest whatever you feel about the game.
Current issues
The current feedbacks suggest that the intro no menu interface quite confuses the players, so any suggestions regarding how to improve that will be 200 % welcomed
The current language availability is English, but support for other languages is coming soon, any volunteers are heartily appreciated.
And in the end, thank you Defold community for being so nice and helping me with every stage of my development.


Fantastic! :smiley: Already keeping my fingers on those virtual gamepads - first impresion after a couple of minutes: pretty nice retro pixel rogue-like, irresistable association with Brawl Stars, but totally different feeling, a bit slower, but overwhelming and stressful, I would say. And I don’t think it is negative opinion - it’s causing thrilling emotions :smiley: Area menu is indeed strange, but it is widely used and I played last time one game with that solution, but the room was way smaller - so maybe that’s the point. Some bugs catched: can’t escape pause menu. Some inconveniences: I think it is too much zoomed out, bullets are a little bit too slow. As I use Android with notch display and rounded corners I can tell you that some of the GUI objects placed in the corner are stripped unfortunately. If you would like to, I can support polish language! :smiley:



I’ll take a look at it :slight_smile: … already installed :wink:
Is it all selfmade? Coding ok. But what about graphics and sounds?


Thanks for your suggestions @pawel.jarosz21

I had never even thought of it. That’s cool. :sunglasses:

I knew it, I knew it was the cause of major problems, but still I don’t want to remove it, so will try to find a way to make it less strange. :slight_smile:

That should hot be there, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Actually as a part of no-menu interface, I designed four bats that appear around player as he dies, or the game pauses, but as you mentioned above, the excess zoom could be the reason you don’t see them. Fix coming soon.

Fix in the next update

I had no notch phone to test this, but you , I think have helped me solve this problem, in a previous topic. I have implemented that fix, coming in the next update, so have a try with them as it goes live.

Honestly I won’t like to. Scroll down to find why:

Simple, bcoz I would love that :stuck_out_tongue:

The code is 95% self-made, but the art and music are not.
What this game is most proud of, and I am too, is that the entire game is made in a zero $$$ budget, with almost all art from and
BTW: Can anyone confirm that RetroStars is showing ads alright, I can’t get 'em to work on my device.


I think just shrinking the main market is a good option. Or allowing to move faster if it can’t be leveled up. Anyway, I am always using this shortcut :smiley:

There is a possibility to go down near the tree and then left to the exit.
OK, so I didn’t caught the idea with bats, I think it needs tutorial. And where can I buy stuff? When or where should be ads displayed?


RetroStars v0.2.2 Released

  • Reset Game Ghost.


  • Slow bullets of Not-so-good Gun and Glock 9.0mm

  • (Seemingly)Fixed the excess zoom out of camera(Have a try @pawel.jarosz21 )

  • Fixed a bug that stopped the game if you died in first level.

  • Increased the size of bats, so that they can be seen clearly.

  • Overspamming of crates

  • Camera now shakes less when enemies die


Actually I had added it so you don’t need to walk around the map every time.

Yes the game is very bad at tutorials(I am realizing that now :frowning_face: ). But you need to click them, and they will show four options(Four bats - four options, choose one). The same goes after you die. Four bats - Four options, choose one.

I will pay 300% attention to this fact. Tomorrow and day after, I will sit down and redesign the entire menu, make it small, make it compact, and add better tutorials, maybe a tutorial room.

You need to level up for that. Every game level that you complete, after that you’ll get a treasure box, marked with a treasure written above its head, looks like ordinary treasure boxes and can be scattered anywhere in the entire map, so you’ve got to search for it. :

Once you break it with bullets, you’ll get phoenix feathers, which will help you level up. Once you level up, you’ll get to choose a random ability, and after that you’ll be taken to the shop level. Move near any one of the stall, and click the action button to buy. There is also a T.V. set down there, which lets you to watch ads in return for some coins. Also, every time you level up, you get two new ranged and a melee weapon to buy.

The simplest way to do this would be to die, but as they are appearing too small on you device another way could be watching it in shop levels.

Also, I added a few line to the AppManifest, just check and see if it does something with the notch problem.
Thanks for helping me develop my game better.


Hello, tutorial messages are great know, bats are visible and now their purpose is clear :wink: maybe only change the first encountered sign that says “Action button for actions” - every time I was like, seriously, you think I’m so dumb I don’t know what this button could do? :smile: don’t let think players they are not the smartest person in the world :smiley: maybe just highlight this button on screen instead? It could be more useful :wink: next thing that still bothers me is a camera shake - I do become used to this, but every first time is a little bit ‘overshaking’, so please, consider muting it a little bit :wink: what’s more can I suggest? Maybe think about adding more monsters? :smiley: Aah, and notch support is well done, but ads still don’t work for me :confused:


Noted. Will change it pretty soon.

Definitely not :stuck_out_tongue:

Okk. I too get irritated sometimes with this, so will mute it quite a bit. But can you be a bit specific, which shakes actually disturb you, the recoil shake of gun, or the shake on enemy death?


No, no, I mean the shake on enemy death, the recoil is great and gives the feel of the shot :wink: shake also does it, but as I say, tune it a little bit and will be great too :wink: also the portals cutscene at the beginning of a dungeon is always too long for me, and even frustrating when it gets back to the “missed” one, so maybe think about sorting them in some logic queue that will takes into consideration their position, so, you know, they will be highlighted in a natural way :wink:


hello kash

downloaded and played, no ads for me. i like the right stick swipe to shoot in direction. got killed by the slimes, good story telling and dialogue, double tap to continue doesn’t work for me, had to restart phone. good music and graphics, happy to play again to help the testing.

the game look pretty nice but i’d be happy to help with some art if you need it, all the best.



Got it. Will surely fix it.

I know. I actually added a skip button,

bUT somehow it seems that it missed this update.
Will add it again in the next update.

It is something that I am getting constantly. Maybe it’s because of improper memory management. Looks like I will have to rewrite the performance disrupting code again

Definitely I need them. I was thinking of replacing the characters as soon as possible, and since I have no experience of developing art., so I am going to appreciate it very much.

Thanks everyone for testing Retrostars out.


Congratulation for completion of your game. I will open and test that on my mobile.