Resource cannot be null


I have been working on a new game for a month or so…
I tried to make an Android build today and I get this message…

Unknown source … resource cannot be null.

I tried removing all of the dependencies but still see the message.

Was wondering what to do next… it runs just fine when I do windows and html builds.



If you have Facebook dependency, update it to the latest version, also share the list of dependencies from your project.



Maybe check the build logs too? Sometimes that gives clues about what caused the build failure.

In the projects build folder. Can’t recall the file name exactly.

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Thanks guys…

The build logs showed me what it was …
error: attribute ‘package’ in tag is not a valid Android package name:
The package name was wrongly formed.

I wasnt aware there was an extra level of build detail in these logs… I did read about logging from the runtime but not this.

Would it be handy to have a link put in after an unknown error… "click here to see the build logs for more information "?



This should not be needed as we try to detect and surface all errors from the native extension build logs to the editor, but apparently we sometimes fail.



I mostly run into it when testing android native extensions. Any java compile errors gave me that null resource message in the editor.

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