Remember to submit for GDC contest!


Deadline is real soon. If you have not submitted yet remember to before deadline!



Yes, go, go, go, go! Give us some cool games to play!!!

And good luck!



I just hope my submission will pass your censorship :stuck_out_tongue:



I hope so as well =] In fact, knowing you I’ll be quite surprised if it passes :stuck_out_tongue:



I am so looking forward to finally handing in the bikiniverse so I can think about something else for a couple of days! Good luck to everyone in the competition! @Ivan_Lytkin I am curious about what your game is about!



We’re enjoying the first wave of submissions here!

And it goes like… Really? People. Really? You submit .exe file for the contest. What is the chance someone from the jury panel or at least someone from Defold team is able to run these .exe files? Spoiler alert: everybody has Macs and iPhones. Please please please think about judges so they think about your game as well.

  • HTML5 ftw! - even for a mobile game it is useful to have HTML5 demo
  • Love .exe too much? Ok, then make a Mac build as well
  • Judges will have to run through so much games. The easier it is to play your game, the more chances it gets more eyes


The competition rules, under section How to enter, states that:

  • We accept entries in the following formats provided they meet the following requirements (depending on your choice of platform):
  • Web - Required: Link to web page with HTML5 playable, or .zip containing all contents of a HTML5 bundle.
  • Mobile - Required:
  • Android: .apk file or link to published game/app on Google Play.
  • iOS: link to published game/app on Apple App Store.
  • Desktop - .zip file containing bundles for all desktop platforms (Win, OSX, Linux).


…and an important side note; we had to remove the “upload” feature from the submission form yesterday, due to the fact that it sometimes worked, and sometimes didn’t. What we now require is that you yourself host the file somewhere (Google Drive or Dropbox is fine), and paste the link to the file when you are submitting.

Furthermore, I’ve reached out to and gotten in touch with the (few) people affected by the mentioned bug.

I’ll also be somewhat “on call” during the weekend due to D-Day, so don’t hesitate to PM me here if you run into issues or similar.

Good luck everyone!

Sure, it’s nice to see HTML5 games, with the benefit that the threshold for playing is lower for the judges, but it’s in no way a requirement nor real judging benefit to do so. People submitting their games in HTML5 will not get any sort of judging benefit over other platforms whatsoever.

Recap of the submission requirements:


.zip/rar with three bundles: One Windows, one Mac OSX, and one Linux (the reason for this is that we neither can’t not want to limit/force the jury to one platform)

Link to your game on Google Play Store or link to your .apk

Link to your game on Apple App Store

Link to web page with HTML5 playable or link to .zip/rar with HTML5 bundle



So any screenshots of your awesome submitted games? Let’s celebrate and wait for the winners to be announced.



Roughly how many entries so far?



Screenshot incoming :smile:



Some part of my brain just “clicked” today and now I understand why you guys all love message passing so much. Then another part of my brain decided that unless I rewrote about 30% of my code to use messages instead of the global table, I wouldn’t be happy.

What I am saying is that I’ll do the submission at around 23.58 tonight yeah?



I’m still working! :smile:

@88.josh why messages are better than global table?




Principally they reduce interdependency which makes coding more organised: it’s easier to find what is making what happen. And there is also a performance benefit, i believe. Defold people will tell you more about it, but basically, I never realised why messaging even existed, and now I have realised that in fact is incredibly valuable for certain tasks (i.e when you have many many different scripts that can affect a variable and also be affected by a variable, messages are what you need).



@spycer.lviv - and best of luck to you!!! link us to your game when you’re done.

edit: Just a quick note to say that at 23.46 I have submitted the bikiniverse.

there are some pretty big changes since the last version I posted up on my devlog here: there is now music (which I wrote and recorded myself), many more animations, a new level select system, 30% more system messaging, and also I didn’t really have time to play test it that much so there may be bugs but in a way that makes it more exciting because you never know what’s going to happen next. There are 13 puzzles which fulfils the 2 minutes playable time: but noticably, the game just stops after you’ve completed the 13th level. that’s fine. It’s a pretty difficult level.



submitted in the last hour as well

hope to get useful feedback.

nice to find that we made this game in 2 weeks =). here is the git screenshot and you can see that i just made simple camera control script in 2016. but main work started january 6 =)



@88.josh Thank you! The same to you!

Anyway, just sumbitted my game (in the last minute! :triumph: )
Here is a screenshot of it:

i have a lot of work to do but it’s almost playable version =)

Good luck everyone!



Just want to wish all the entrants the best of luck, :+1: here’s a grab of my entry.




5 days, combined with cramming for an exam, feel like a walking zombie :slight_smile:

Viva la caffeine and GL everyone!

btw. wouldn’t it be cool to create a thread for sharing playable builds? So far I have only played nicloay’s game



I super-second that! :smiley: