Red Raging Wolf (Demo)


As you know me and @mozokevgen participated in @Olle_Pridiuksson’s Gamedev Camp Season 4 in 2 different teams that selected Defold as their game engine. Eugen presented their game here. It was a blast and I will write a longer post-mortem kind of text later on. For now, we want to present to you our game:

Red Raging Wolf :wolf:

It’s a metroidvania game with a weird setting of well-known fairytale worlds set upside down, where Red is causing mayhem across the realm, while totally not being aware of it. The game is made with Defold and characters are animated in Rive and imported as Rive models in the game.

At this point I wanted to thank the Defold team for providing constant support on this project, solving all the issues and helping us integrate Rive models in a semi-open world game. :heart:

I would also like to appeciate the help of the Rive team - they gave us the access to the Team version of Rive, so we could cooperate in real time on the project for the whole Camp and provided support on it! :heart:

I want to thank also for Monarch and Platypus to @britzl, for Defold Printer to @Insality, for DefSave, Log and Err to @Pkeod :heart:

We wanted to make a funny game, where we could test and stretch our skills and cooperate in a team to make a game that we can pitch to publishers. We are the team number 4 of Season 4, called LIGHTSWITCHES! (A play-word blend word of lights and witches of course!):

Trailer we made for the game:

And the demo itself!


amazing having you :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the letsplay livestream on youtube on Thursday

I always read your team name as Light Switchers :upside_down_face: