Recommending a game engine in 2021

I’ve made a new video about game engines and of course Defold is one of the top recommendations.


Awww, thank you so much for featuring Witchcrafter! :smiley:

A great insight! It is visibly biased towards Defold and Godot, yet I am glad, because it is actually based on your vast experience with game engines, not just a fan thoughts.


Thanks for making a cool game!

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How do you like Heaps? Do you use the whole “Shiro Games Technology Stack”, or just Heaps by itself? How difficult is it to setup cross-platform desktop builds? From what I’ve been able to find, nothing in the Haxe ecosystem helps you with that at all.

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Heaps is low level and it suits our needs. We just use the engine, without the other tools. We build for web and android. Android was hard to setup. For desktop we just use the hashlink for debugging, so can’t really tell how is it to setup release builds, but I presume it’s pretty straightforward, like setting up an SDL game build.

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