Questions for WWDC 2018


We’ll be having a small attendance at Apple’s WWDC event in San Jose next week.

Are there any questions from the Defold community that we should bring with us? App review, signing, building questions, just let us know and we will try to get them asked.


MMmmmmaybe what technologies/Apple features should the games have to maximise the chance of getting featured? (Metal, Apple TV, AR/XR, something else?)


What’s next on game services from Apple? Is there anything on their roadmap at all? Gamecenter seems to be stagnant, while Google Play is progressing quite a bit



Great question! Could you elaborate on this, feature wise, what are you missing etc?


On my mind quickly Events and Quests is a nice to have feature, although I would prefer support for other devices and/or web html5 (even if just from iOS devices)