QR code extension

Hello there!
I just wanted you to know I’ve published a new extension called QRcode. As the name suggests, it let’s you scan and create QR codes.

Asset portal

Screens from the example app:


Hello @Mathias_Westerdahl, has this been maintained? It looks like you get only the data from the QR code, but not the location on the camera image where the QR code is, is that accurate? Is ther a way to extract that?

This extension hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but it works as far as I know.

Why is this needed? I’m not sure the underlying qr code library supports this.

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has this been maintained

It’s not actively maintained, no.
But also, the QR-code scanning functionality is working as far as I know, so there hasn’t been a reason to update library (quirc).
Are you having issues with it?

I believe I have a bug in the QR-code generator which I wrote, I’ve been meaning to get back to that library, but no one seems to be using it either, so it has always been down prioritized for other things.

but not the location on the camera image where the QR code is, is that accurate

What is your use case?

If you want to recognize objects from an image, I suggest you look into some library like “OpenCV” or similar.

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I’ve been thinking about developing an app that uses QR codes and AR to enhance the information from signage in cities. Ideally I’d like to overlay the camera’s input. It would be a side-side-side project since I’ve already got two side-projects.

I’m very familiar with OpenCV, just thought this might be an eaay solution I could use to develop it for multiple platforms with a single code base. Thank you.

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Ok, interesting!

In that case, if I were you, I would look into if the info can be extracted from the quirc library first, before adding the (presumably) very large library of OpenCV to the mix.


Looks like you can, just need to pass through the quirc_code struct from the quirc header file.

I’ll see if there is any way to add that functionality in the coming weeks.